Thank you for your interest!

I’m running for Legislature in North Lincoln to strengthen education, provide a powerful voice for working families and economic opportunity for all Nebraskans. I will work to ensure working Nebraskans have access to high quality and affordable education, work hard to bring living wage jobs to Nebraska, and provide a strong voice for working families on issues such as health care and taxes.

Below are just a few ways I will work for you to do that. If you have any thoughts, opinions, or questions please contact me on my cell at 402-450-0477.

Strengthen Education

- Increase higher education loan forgiveness funding and scholarships for young Nebraskans who want to stay and work in Nebraska.

- Increase resources for early child hood development centers and career based academies.

Create Economic Opportunity for All Nebraskans

- Provide job training and relocation incentives for both individuals and businesses for high need industries in Nebraska.

- Create personal and business incentives to retain and recruit returning veterans.

Provide a Strong Voice for Working Families

- Work to ensure legislation is benefiting middle income earners through requiring impact statements on all legislation.

- Create state tax credits for middle income families dealing with the high cost of child care and caring for aging parents.

Prioritize Security, Stability, and Quality of Life for Seniors

- Eliminate income tax on social security benefits for middle income earners.

- Extend the homestead exemption

Working to Reduce the Cost of Higher Education

- Committed to lowering the cost of college tuition

- Work to ensure textbooks and other college costs tax free to ease the burden on working families and students.

Ensuring a Fair and Balanced Tax System

Nebraskans deserve honest debate and less rhetoric about where we are shifting the tax burden. The first step is passing a law that requires the neutral legislative fiscal office to create middle income impact statements on all legislation that would either increase or decrease taxes. Targeted tax relief in the form of decreasing the tax burden on working families and seniors will be my priority.

Further, the lack of living wage jobs and the underemployment of Nebraskans is the most pressing issue not only in Northeast Lincoln, but throughout the state. This requires targeted economic development and incentives for high tech industries and work force development. I will work closely with our communities to develop incentives that create higher paying jobs, broaden the tax base, and reduce the increasing tax burden.