What We Stand For

Adam is running for County Attorney to make our community safer, to protect civil rights, and to ensure justice and accountability. With Adam’s experienced leadership we will be tough on violent crime, smart in how we reform, and fair in how we enforce the law. 

After serving eight years in the Legislature on the Judiciary Committee where our criminal laws are made, Adam knows that County Attorneys have tremendous power to solve the problems facing our criminal justice system and keep our community safe. As an attorney and state senator, he has dedicated his career to keeping Nebraskans safe and protecting their civil rights, and he will continue to do so as your next Lancaster County Attorney.  

Among many other common sense policies, Adam will: 

Bring accountability and transparency to the prosecutor's office

Prosecutors have great power and discretion in how they approach their job, which is why they must be transparent with, and accessible to, the public. Adam’s commitment to shining sunlight on the County Attorney’s office stands in sharp contrast to his opponent and past practices of the County Attorney’s office in Lancaster County. In fact, the current county attorney led the charge in opposing legislation that would require accountability and transparency in all prosecutors’ offices. Adam will hire an independent public advocate in the office to track data and system outcomes, and to investigate complaints from the public.

Prioritize Public Safety

Public safety is Adam’s top priority. As County Attorney, Adam will ensure those who break the law are held accountable for their actions. In ensuring public safety and holding people accountable, Adam will provide transparency to the public about how the County Attorney’s office operates, using evidence based practices, promoting problem solving courts, mental health services and supports, and working closely with law enforcement, public health officials, mental health service providers, victims, and community advocates.

Start Investing in Victims of Crimes

Too many victims of crimes have reached out to me telling me stories of how they were not informed of their rights, the status of the case against their perpetrator, or resources about where they can help since announcing my campaign. When I am County Attorney we will create a victim services unit to put victims first.

Invest and promote problem solving courts

As county attorney I will invest heavily in problem solving courts. Problem Solving Courts address the underlying motivation for criminal behavior and help people get out of the cycle of use and abuse by focusing on treatment rather than punishment. The County and others in the state have seen positive results from things like Drug Court and the Veterans’ Problem Solving Court. This treatment-focused approach has proven to decrease crime in the long run and improve justice outcomes. Problem Solving Courts promote rehabilitation to reduce recidivism, keep our streets safer, and keep people employed so that they are contributing members of our community instead of just sitting in jail or prison.

End the sex assault kit backlog

There is no excuse for our current backlog in processing sex assault kits in Lancaster County. Victims of sex assault deserve justice and failing to process these sex assault kits makes it practically impossible to bring these victims’ perpetrators to justice. Sexual assault victims deserve to have their case taken seriously, and dangerous criminals must be taken off the street.

End cash bail for some non violent offenses

When people are arrested for committing state crimes but can't make bail, county taxpayers are stuck with the bill to keep them in jail. One of the best ways to provide property tax relief related to the criminal justice system is to reform cash bail. The vast majority of people held in Lancaster county jail are held before they are convicted of a crime simply because they can’t afford bail. Many of those people are sitting in jail for non-violent offenses and are not a flight risk. Often these individuals are suffering from mental health or substance abuse issues and need services instead of indefinite detention. We need to get smart on bail to keep people safer and save taxpayer money. It costs Lancaster County taxpayers $103 a day, or more than $36,000 a year, to keep someone in the Lancaster County Jail.

Stop automatically charging nonviolent drug possession offenses as felonies

The Lancaster County Attorney’s Office has a long history of unreasonably charging simple, first-offense marijuana possession as a crime. Just recently, a District Court judge finally put an end to that silliness. Even so, the current County Attorney Continues to charge people with felonies for simple possession of other drugs. Not only does this practice ruin Nebraskans lives, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars to house people in prison for tens of thousands of dollars a year when it does nothing to keep the public safe. Adam will make sure that the County Attorney’s Office focuses its time and resources on crime that harms our neighbors and our communities, not on incarcerating people for nonviolent, low-level drug offenses as the current County Attorney does.

Create the Conviction Integrity Unit

Imagine being convicted of a crime that you or a loved one did not commit. We should always work to see justice by ensuring that there are prosecutors willing to look at new evidence and right any wrongs. I will create a dedicated team within the County Attorney’s Office to review cases and ensure no innocent people are stuck in jail.