I’m running for re-election in Northeast Lincoln to continue my work to:

A strong quality of life for our seniors.

Great public schools for our kids.

Affordable health care.

Safe neighborhoods.

Support for military families and veterans.

I will continue to fight for these issues, and I am running for re-election and going door to door because your input and feedback is important to me. Our North Lincoln neighborhoods have always been strong, but together we can make them even stronger.

A champion for working families, seniors and veterans

  • Passed a law to ensure military training credentials will be automatically recognized in civilian fields

  • Introduced legislation to increase earned income tax credit for working families

Prioritize security, stability and quality of life for seniors

  • Introduced legislation making social security exempt from income taxes

  • Protected the homestead exemption from budget cuts

Strengthen education

  • Passed a law to ensure college, community college, and technical training is affordable for working families

  • Maintained and fought for strong K-12 public education funding

  • Passed a law to protect student online privacy

Make health care more affordable

  • Passed a law to ensure victims of sexual assault do not have to pay for medical exams

  • Introduced and fought for legislation that would provide affordable health care to 90,000 working Nebraskans who no longer have it

  • Introduced and leading an interim study to find additional ways to make health care more affordable

Protecting Working Families and Fostering New Businesses

  • Banned credit companies that lose your financial data from being able to profit off credit monitoring after losing your data and provided the attorney general more powers to protect consumers.

  • Protects affordable and accessible internet by maintaining net neutrality