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Adam is running for County Attorney to make our community safer, to protect civil rights, and to ensure justice and accountability. After serving seven years in the Legislature on the Judiciary Committee, Adam knows that County Attorneys have tremendous power to solve the problems facing our Criminal Justice System and keep our community safe. As an attorney and state senator, he has dedicated his career to protecting Nebraskans and their civil rights, and he will continue to do so as your next Lancaster County Attorney.

Meet Adam

Senator Adam Morfeld is a 5th generation Nebraskan born into a Marine Corps family. The son of a single mother for many years, Adam learned the importance of hard work and dedication, and learned the value of effective policies that support Nebraskans like his mom.

Adam managed a grocery store stockroom for several years and worked part-time for his local newspaper while attending community college. He then worked his way through college and law school at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

In 2008 Adam founded a non-profit that employs over 100 staff across the state that works to instill civic leadership skills in young Nebraskans, build civic health in our communities, and ensures our democracy is accessible to working Nebraskans, families and seniors. Since its founding, Adam has served professionally as the non-profit’s Executive Director. In addition to his day job, Adam teaches courses in constitutional law, public administration and American government at Doane and Nebraska Wesleyan universities.

In 2014 Adam was elected to the Nebraska Legislature to represent Northeast Lincoln, winning 68 percent of the vote. He was re-elected in 2018 to a second term. He serves on the Education and Judiciary Committees where he focuses his legislative work on criminal justice issues and school policy. He also served on the Department of Corrections Special Investigative Committee. As a member of the Judiciary Committee for the last seven years, Senator Morfeld has introduced, co-sponsored and passed numerous criminal justice laws. In addition to his work on criminal justice issues, Senator Morfeld introduced and passed into law over 25 pieces of legislation focused on ending surprise medical bills, protecting Nebraskans’ online privacy, providing protections to ensure people recieve emergency treatment for drug and alcohol overdoses, and addressing sexual assault issues.

After spending seven years in the Legislature, Adam is running for County Attorney because he knows that the local elected officials are the ones who matter the most in implementing meaningful criminal justice reform. To find out more about what Adam will do as your County Attorney, click here. As an attorney and State Senator he has dedicated his career to protecting the safety and civil rights of Nebraskans across the state and will continue to do so as the Lancaster County Attorney. 

In his free time, Adam enjoys volunteering, working on his home, Husker football, spending time with his wife Rachel and their dog, running, and the outdoors.